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UZG-FER podcast, ŽensCast: Episode 5 – Professor Emeritus Branka Zovko Cihlar

On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science , the fifth episode of ŽensCast, a synergy podcast between UZG-FER CALIPER team and the IEEE group Women in Engineering Croatia (WiE Croatia), honoured Professor Emeritus Branka Zovko Cihlar, the first female doctor of electrical engineering in Croatia!

Professor Zovko Cihlar received her doctorate at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Zagreb in 1964.  Being is a person of inexhaustible life energy, she had a great conversation with podcast team and she revealed how she developed an interest in electrical engineering, how the society and higher eductaion was during mid-fifties of the last century, what it looks like to start a factory, and how the long-term cooperation between HRT and FER began.

What is more, Professor Zovko Cihlar pointed out that one of her greatest successes, and what makes her very happy and satisfied with her scientific and teaching work at FER, is that she was able to help as a mentor to many former students and doctoral students, today engineers and scientists!

You can watch ŽensCast episode 5 on the YouTube channel of the Croatian Section of the IEEE, and read the impressive biography of professor emeritus Branka Zovko Cihlar in the dedicated article at UZG-FER webpage.