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UZG-FER podcast, ŽensCast: Episode 4 – All five!

A new episode of the podcast series ŽensCast has aired!

The podcast is curated by CALIPER team members from UZG-FER Pina Milišić and Anamari Nakić and is a joint dissemination and awareness activity in collaboration with IEEE interest group Women in Engineering Croatia (WiE Croatia).

The guest of episode 4 was FER student Kaja Pavlinić, a young computer engineer, project manager at the Speck agency , president of the Forum for Sustainable Development Zeleni prozor, member of the Board of Directors of the Croatian Youth Network, US Department of State Exchange alumna and mentor on the global platform The Female Factor.

The conversation revolves around number 5, Kaja’s favourite number that has emerged and shaped her trajectory in multiple ways! Pina and Anamari discuss with Kaja about her thoughts related to moments that inspired her, challenges that built her, social problems that encouraged her to become an active participant in changes.

The episode called “All five!” premiered on November 26, 2021, on the occasion of the University of Zagreb Fair and FER Open Windows Day

You can learn more about Kaja’s featured podcast by visiting UZG-FER dedicated article and watch the entire episode in IEEE Croatia Section YouTube channel.