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UZG-FER at UNILE Conference

On November 2021, the UZG-FER project team contributed to the annual conference of the National Association of the Italian Universities’ Equal Opportunities Bodies organised by CALIPER partners from UNILE.

The conference took place in hybrid format (physical and online attendance) on 11 and 12 of November and its main scope addressed the changes in well-being in Academia in relation to smart working and gender equality strategies adopted by Italian universities during Covid19.

UZG-FER were invited speakers to the first day’s double session about GEPs. The CALIPER partners presented the case-study of UZG-FER GEP in terms of the goals set prior to its design (ERA priorities), the preparatory assessment studies both within the University (internal assessment) and in the overall legal, cultural and civic framework of Croatia (external assessment). The UZG-FER guests also discussed the role of the University’s GEP working group, which, in collaboration with CALIPER’s team, has led the co-creation of effective measures integrated in UZG-FER’s GEP on several areas including work-life balance.