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The YU WIN event

The project acknowledges that gender stereotypes also exist in the business sector and that more women in STEM are needed. Each GEP implementing partner had to organise its WIN event. In particular, the WIN event had a double fold aim: on one side it highlighted and valued women’s led innovations presenting startups and spin offs and examples of gender sensitive product development/design; on the other hand, it raised awareness to attract more girls to STEM research.

The WIN event of YU aimed to raise awareness and attract more girls to STEM, by highlighting women led innovations and presenting startups and spin offs. It took place on the 21st of April 2022 at Yasar University. The main target group of the event was female high school students from local schools. 65 people attended the event, and the majority of the students were at age 15-16.

Overall, the participating students had the opportunity to increase their knowledge about the place of women in science & innovation, and the importance of receiving education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Furthermore, the event had a positive impact on the participating female students in terms of choosing one of the fields of STEM in their future university education.

In the case of YU, the local news also covered the event and published information and photos, enhancing the visibility of the efforts of YU and the project in general.

The WIN event is part of the GEP actions of YU.