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The project acknowledges that gender stereotypes also exist in the business sector and that more women in STEM are needed. Each GEP implementing partner had to organise its WIN event. In particular, the WIN event had a double fold aim: on one side it highlighted and valued women’s led innovations presenting startups and spin offs and examples of gender sensitive product development/design; on the other hand, it raised awareness to attract more girls to STEM research.

In the case of UEFISCDI, the event was held on the 10th of May, attended by 50 participants.  The theme of the event was “Gender Mainstreaming in Responsible Research and Innovation” and the organisers invited speakers with different backgrounds (creative industries, tech companies, science parks, RPOs) to discuss about the intersections between gender equality and responsible innovation.

Responsible innovation means that science must be closely linked to society and be made for the benefit of society, including a wide range of actors in all processes: researchers, business, civil society, policymakers. Two important components of this concept are gender equality and diversity, as tools that can shape the relationship between science, technology and society. The main way to achieve gender equality in innovation and responsible research is to fight stereotypes, so at the Innovation Café, they discussed their perspective on the gender dimension in developed businesses or projects and the intersections between gender equality and responsible innovation.

The main goal was to open the subject in the Research Diversity and Innovation community about the intersections between gender equality and responsible innovation. If initially the subject was not well understood by the audience, at the end of the event, many of the participants were able to correlate the two topics and understand its importance.

The WIN event is part of the GEP actions of UEFISCDI.