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The first seven female scientists in FER

Celebrating the kick-off of the WIN events in UZG-FER, the CALIPER project team and additional involved researchers from the organisation have prepared an honorary publication titled Women in Innovation.

The publication has been published by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty, and gives a brief overview of the socio-historical context of the inclusion of women in the scientific and educational system and presents the first seven female scientists in the field of electrical engineering who worked and worked at the Faculty until 1970.These are prof. Ph.D. Višnja Henč-Bartolić, MSc. Marica Jurišić-Zec, prof. Ph.D. Vesna Kos, prof. Ph.D. Jasna Šimunić-Hrvoić, M.Sc. sc. Mirjana Urbiha-Feuerbach, M.Sc. sc. Kalma Zimmermann-Pavčević and prof. Ph.D. Branka Zovko-Cihlar.

The publication presents the trajectory of the above-mentioned  outstanding women who worked and were active at FER in the field of electrical engineering until 1970, at a time when it was considered that the technical profession was more appropriate for men. From the historical context described in the text, we can easily see what challenges they faced on their professional and scientific path and what factors influenced their empowerment.

To learn more about their paths and access the publication, you can visit UZG-FER dedicated website post.