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The ECE NTUA WIN event

The project acknowledges that gender stereotypes also exist in the business sector and that more women in STEM are needed. Each GEP implementing partner had to organise its WIN event. In particular, the WIN event had a double fold aim: on one side it highlighted and valued women’s led innovations presenting startups and spin offs and examples of gender sensitive product development/design; on the other hand, it raised awareness to attract more girls to STEM research.

The Women in Innovation (WIN) event of ECE NTUA took place on the 8th of April 2022, in hybrid form. The main objective of the event was to present experiences of women with a strong presence in innovation and entrepreneurship, help highlight women-led innovations and develop strong links with the innovation and business environment. Among the things that were discussed were topics such as:

  • Success stories of women’s career paths.
  • Good practices for the promotion of female entrepreneurship.
  • Female contribution to the innovative entrepreneurship and ways of empowerment.
  • Successful actions that have adopted gender sensitive policies.
  • Prospects for gender dimension integration into innovative entrepreneurship.
  • Discussion on business opportunities that support women entrepreneurs.

The 59 participants had the opportunity to discuss the contribution of female scientists in the STEM field, as well as to increase female researchers’ visibility. The event aimed at strengthening women mentees’ professional and/or leadership skills and career prospects through planning, prioritising, networking and insights into organisational norms, processes and policies.

The WIN event is part of the GEP actions of ECE NTUA.