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The 7th episode of ŽensCast podcast is out!

On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science , in the seventh edition of ŽensCast , the podcast of the Women in Engineering interest group of the Croatian IEEE section , we hosted Antonella Barišić , researcher and doctoral student at FER.  

In the conversation with Antonella, we touched on many topics: from studying at FER, working in student associations and working in the LARICS laboratory to participating in the NATO MARCUS project. Antonella brought us closer to life in Albuquerque, New Mexico, compared her American experiences with working in Croatia and explained why she thinks that FER is the best choice of study for her. The new episode of ŽensCast discusses the easiest way to overcome motivational crises that sometimes occur during studies and work on challenging projects.

In 2018, Antonella became one of the first winners of the Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems ( LARICS ) scholarship. For her independent scientific work in 2019, she was awarded the Rector’s Award. Her research interests lie at the intersection of robotics, computer vision and deep learning. Antonella is passionate about developing intelligent robotic systems that can understand their environment. As part of the LARICS team, she was responsible for Challenge 1 of the international robotics competition MBZIRC 2020. She worked on the European projects EKOKOMVOZ and VirtualUAV. She was a research leader at the University of New Mexico for the Mobile Adaptive/Reactive Counter Unmanned Aerial System (MARCUS) project, which is funded by NATO Science for Peace and Security.

More information about the podcast and Antonella’s bio are avaibale at UZG-FER’s page.

You can watch the full episode at the IEEE’s YouTube channel.