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Synergy Online Panel Discussion on Gender Equality

The UZG-FER CALIPER parners were invited to an online panel discussion on gender-aware policy in the academic community on the topic Everyone’s business: gender equality and the context of higher education  that took place  on June 10, 2022.

Associate Professor Anamari Nakić represented the project during the Horizon 2020 synergy event that was held in University of Rijeka and within the framework of the, Sister-Project, Spear.

The panel discussion elaborated on the promotion of gender equality as one of the fundamental values ​​of the European Union, following European Commission’s decision that scientific research and educational institutions participating in the implementation of projects within the EU Horizon Europe program were required to adopt the Gender Equality Plan (GEP ) and which should be preceded by the implementation of preliminary research on gender equality at the institution that intends to adopt the GEP.

The panelists’ group consisted of the following experts:

  • Anamari Nakić, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb;
  • Daria Glavan Šćulac, University of Rijeka;
  • Liv Baiser Petersen, University of Southern Denmark,
  • Przemyslaw Zukiewicz, Institute of Political Sciences, University of Wrocław (Poland).

The moderator of the discussion is Assoc. Ph.D. Brigita Miloš, University of Rijeka.

More information about the panel discussion can be found in the program‘s page in University of Rijeka.