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STU BA in the final CHANGE Stakeholder International Workshop

Our partner STU BA, participated in the Final CHANGE Stakeholder International Workshop, and submitted the paper “GEP in Horizon 2020 – Opportunity for Inclusion and Wellbeing”. The workshop was organised by the sister project CHANGE and took place in Aveiro, Portugal on the 26&27 of April.

The article presents the H2020 project “Linking Research and Innovation with Focus on Gender Equality” (acronym CALIPER) and its practices. The aim is to make research organisations more gender equal by promoting a greater engagement of female researchers in STEM and stimulating dialogue and collaboration between academia, public authorities, professionals, and industry players in order to overcome and tackle gender inequalities across the research transfer to the market chain. Even though the issue of gender equality is one of the main priorities of the European Research Area Committee, the topic needs to be more recognised and accepted by most the organisations and there is still space for increasing the awareness, overcoming resistance and bias, and activities related to current challenges and opportunities in this area. To keep promoting changes and the gender equality plans to be successfully implemented, a structural change is needed and must be irreversible, permanent, and sustainable. An attempt for change can be met with limited success. One of the areas related to the content of GEP is the work-life balance.

Authors of the article: Dagmar Cagáňová, Natália Horňáková, Ľubica Znamenáková, Filip Majtán
Institution: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia

Find the poster of the article here