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STU BA: CALIPER H2020: Discussion on Equal Opportunities and Preparation of Gender Equality Plans

On May 28th, our partner STU BA organised an online workshop for the external stakeholders of the R&I Hub. The participants discussed the need for equal opportunities in research and innovation and the role of the Gender Equality  Plans. The GEP of STU BA was presented by the CALIPER team.

The meeting was divided into two blocks of questions:

Block A:
1. Do you have personal positive or negative experiences with this issue of equal opportunities, opportunities and gender equality?
2. What evokes this issue in you? What are your first thoughts and feelings?
3. Do you know the level of awareness of this issue in your organization?
4. Do you think that education in this area would be appropriate for your organization?
5. Do you know the benefits for your organization in implementing gender equality plans (GEPs)?
6. What barriers do you see when implementing GEP?
7. How to increase the number/representation of women in the management of organizations, and companies?

Block B:
1. Offer the specific areas/topics you would like to include in the project solution so that you get a relevant answer / solution.
2. How would you like to support the CALIPER research team at MTF STU (advice, contributions, participation in education, publishing), both within the project solution and after its completion in terms of sustainability of project outputs.
3. We would like to develop cooperation at the level of project implementation in other areas of research and innovation as one of the objectives of ERA Gender. Do you see the space, the possibilities of using the work of research teams to solve your tasks and specific professional situations with the award of a contract in order to support research and the use of its findings in practice?

The event was held online and attended by 51 females and 29 males.