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Spring BIND workshop – Young students become an engineer for a day in FER

The UZG-FER CALIPER team is expanding its the collaborations with  researchers and stakeholders from its local ecosystem, united under the same goal and aspiration to have more female students involved with STEM sciences in their higher education path!

Following the successful WIN event organisation in FER, the project team joint efforts with the Women and the Media group, members of CALIPER partner Croatian R&I Hub, to hold  a workshop dedicated to introducing STEM to young students in a fun and engaging way.

The workshop took place on Saturday, April 30 2022, and the main idea revolved around elementary students having the chance to become an engineer for a day in the Faculty of of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Thanks to the large attendance and the keen interest of elementary students that attended, the event was divided into three sessions, based on the students’ class. Students from 1st to 3rd grade had the opportunity to program animations and simple games in the Scratch programming language . The topic was the impact of climate change on animals, where the Stemalica bee was helped to pollinate all the flowers and avoid harmful substances. Students from grades 4 to 6 explored space and found objects on Mars using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 rover. In the Croduino section, 7th and 8th grade students could learn about the operation of traffic lights for vehicles and pedestrians, as well as sound signaling. 

In addition to this, a fun room was also organized where the students could have additional fun and learn about STEMI , Sphero , Codey Rocy and Lego robots, mini Tesla transformers, applications that use augmented reality and make luminous greeting cards. About 150 children attended the workshop.

To discover more about the organisation of the workshop and see footage of the event, you can visit the dedicated post at the Women and the Media group website.