Role Models

CALIPER project produces promotional videos to raise awareness and generate debate about the gender inequality issues in STEM fields. The interviewees are role models, whose remarkable personalities, achievements, and positive stories can encourage other women, especially young girls, to become engaged with research and innovation. Our goal is to invite people from academia as well as the industry to give an insight into their journey and talk about how they overcame various gender issues. In particular, we are interested in interviewing role models who have achievements to present in areas such as career progression, decision-making process, integrating gender in research content, and/or introducing changes in gender equality in STEM institutions.


Assistant Professor Asimina Kiourti

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ohio State University, USA

It's important to know that no woman is alone. All of us have been there in one way or another

Professor la Pipia

Agricultural University of Georgia

Curiosity has always pushed me towards the process of acquiring knowledge.

Professor Ivana Podnar Žarko

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

University of Zagreb, HR

I always enjoy working on projects that are practical in nature.

Professor Moniek Tromp

Chair of Materials Chemistry, Groningen University, NL

Vice-Chair of the Young Academy of Europe

If I have to say what I’m proud of… I’m really proud of my students.