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“PROTAGONISTE”: UNILE goes against violence

This November, our RPO University of Salento, organises a series of events, dedicated to combating violence, supported by the CALIPER project. The tile is “PROTAGONISTE”, bringing light to the more vulnerable groups, at higher risk to experience violence of any form.

The events will bring together a variety of different stakeholders, starting form the university and its students, as well as external actors, such as high schools, professional bodies such as the Order of Journalists and the Society of Historians, and the Ministry for Education.

The programme implements actions planned in the UNILE’s GEP, covering a spectrum of objectives such as contrasting gender violence, promoting non discriminating communication, and including gender dimension in research. The events will be open to an academic and public audience, while targeted external actors at the local and regional levels will be informed and invited to attend.

The programme will start in November 14th and will last until December 6th, including 6 groups of events:

  • Inaguration
  • Show: “Spaces lived, spaces conquered”
  • Documentary: “But does love matter?”
  • Theatrical show: “Double kick. How the media narrate violence against women”
  • Cineforum: Change of the scene

The events will take place physically at the University of Salento.

Find the detailed programme here!