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Promoting CALIPER at podcast ŽensCast

On Novermber 26, 2020 members of the CALIPER organisational team from UZG – FER took part in the first podcast of the Croatian IEEE Affinity Group ‘Women in Engineering’ to discuss mathematics courses, mindfulness-anti-stress workshops and female students at the Faculty of Elctrical and Computer Engineering. In this context, the project was presented thoroughly in order to support FER’s actions towards bringing institutional change and gender equality.

The podcast, titled ŽensCast,  is a newly introduced activity of the Croatia Section of Women in Engineering Affinity Group of IEEE. Its first edition was held as part of the 2020 FER Open Window Day, an annual festival of the Faculty with the aim of introducing itself to interested high school graduates, high school students, but also to other interested public.

The podcast is available to watch on-demand in the group’s official YouTube channel:

More information about the ŽensCast episode is available at FER’s official website.