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Project Presentation at InterPartner 2020

On September 09, 2020, CALIPER partners from MTF – STU BA took part in the 2nd Grabchenko’s International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Processes (InterPartner-2020) to disseminate the project as part of the Institutions recently introduced Horizon 2020 actions to foster research and innovation while focusing on gender equality.

The invited lecture presented CALIPER’s mission to design and implement tailored Gender Equality Plans as a means to institutionalise equality among research units and decision-making entities inside the Faculty of Materials Science and Tecnhlomly (MTF) of STU BA. What is more, the presentation outlined the methodological steps to be followed throughout CALIPER’s implementation phases and its quadruple helix approach in regards to external stakeholders’ engagement in order to transfer the best practices to additional areas of the research and innovation ecosystems related to  STEM disciplines, such as STEM academic institutions,  relevant government sector and industry stakeholders as well as social groups.

The presentation of CALIPER by project partner MTF – STU BA is available to watch on-demand through the conference’s official YouTube channel: