Policy Briefings

Research findings and experiences gained through the project in relation to the implementation and sustainability of GEPs in STEM RPOs/RFOs

Throughout the project lifecycle, CALIPER disseminates key policy briefings with the aim to bridge the gap between research and policy for greater gender equality in STEM fields. The project delivers a series of policy briefings featuring practical recommendations to orientate the development and adoption of measures towards an inclusive GEP. In particular, three versions of policy briefing series are envisioned:

  1. Policy briefing v1: Focusing on the design and development of a GEP
  2. Policy briefing v2: Focusing on the implementation of a GEP
  3. Policy briefing v3: Focusing on the Evaluation and assessment of a GEP

Each version entails 10 documents (1 European level and 9 national) created based on the project’s experience of the design and development of CALIPER GEPs by the partner RPOs/RFOs. The policy briefings are targeted for policy and decision-makers, top management of Higher Education institutions, gender experts and researchers.

European Level Recommendations

National Level Recommendations

Croatia (UZG-FER)
Georgia (SRNSFG)
Slovakia (STU BA)
Belgium (ULB)
Greece (ECE-NTUA)
Spain (IRB)
Romania (UEFISCDI)
Turkey (YU)
Italy (UNILE)

Policy Briefing v2

Subject to the EC’s final approval

Policy Briefing v3

Subject to the EC’s final approval