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Participation to the DSMIE 2020 Conference

The International Conference on Design, Simulation, Manufacturing (DSMIE 2020) took place virtually from 9 to 12 of June 2020.

The DSMIE is an international forum for fundamental and applied research and industrial applications in manufacturing.

The 2020 edition focused on a broad range of research challenges in the fields of Manufacturing, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, addressing current and future trends in design approaches, simulation techniques, computer-aided systems, software development, ICT tools, and Industry 4.0 strategy implementation for engineering tasks solving.

The conference brought together researchers from academic institutions, leading industrial companies, and government laboratories located around the world for promoting and popularization of the scientific fundamentals of manufacturing. The agenda included keynote sessions and technical sessions, expert panels, an exhibition of industry partners and more.

In this context, project partners from MTF – STU BA contributed to the event giving a keynote presentation of the CALIPER project. The session explained the project’s scope and the methodology which is implemented to produce sustainable and replicable practices for the enhancement of female scientists’ role in research and innovation in STEM fields.

The conference has been recorded and it is publicly available through the organisers’ YouTube channel: