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Join us in June: Resistance Campaign #COUNTERIT

CALIPER, SUPERA, GEARING Roles, GE Academy, and GENDERACTION have joined forces to launch a #COUNTERIT campaign on social media. Throughout the campaign, we will be sharing examples of resistance that our partners have faced both at the individual as well as institutional level.

We want to raise awareness of these resistances but also show how we can counter them.

Resistances to gender equality can take many forms. They can consist of a complete denial of the problem, disinterest in the issue, inaction, or even complete ideological opposition. They could be cultural resistances, social resistances, individual, institutional, implicit and explicit.

Join us!

Share between June 21 and 25 your thoughts on these resistances on your favorite social media. Tell us in any language about the resistances you’ve had to face, what you did to counter them, or what you think we could/should do as a society to stop them. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #COUNTERIT. You can download the template and create graphics.

We are looking forward to hearing from you under the hashtag #COUNTERIT!