Gender in Research & Innovation Training in UEFISCDI, Romania

The 4 sessions of the CALIPER training Gender in Research & Innovation for UEFISCDI were organised between 15th and 21st of May 2020, online.

There were 20 registered participants from all operational levels of the funding agency: top management, middle management and experts in various fields as well as part-time collaborators, out of which more than 80% were female participants.

The attendees had the chance to discuss the status of Gender principles in UEFISCDI and find out more information about Gender principles in general.

The presentations delivered by Smart Venice were comprehensive and up-to-date in terms of resources and the attendees were satisfied with the degree of new data and relevant information they received.

The interactive sessions brought together colleagues that got the chance to enrich their knowledge on how the gender balance can be included in research funding instruments or in the evaluation criteria; they exchanged experience and shared facts from different operational areas (e.g.: Higher Education and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Policy Development) and worked together to outline a future plan to advance the Gender-related topics in UEFISCDI and outside its boundaries.

Feedback: The training sessions – Gender in Research & Innovation – were very appreciated by the audience, as it was the first exercise on Gender topics organised in UEFISCDI. Most of the attendees were eager to be further involved in the future developments of CALIPER.The presentations of the training were communicated to all staff of UEFISCDI.

The presentations of the training can be found here (in Romanian): Session 1, Session 2Session 3Session 4 & (in English) Session 1, Session 2Session 3Session 4