Yasar University

Yasar University EU Center, İzmir, Turkey - Research Performing Organisation

The organisation

Established in 2001, Yasar University (YU) has quickly become an ideal environment for research, personal development and learning by its 9 faculties (Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Communication, Art and Design, Science and Letters, Architecture, Business and Humanities), 2 graduate schools, vocational school, EU Research Centre, Open and Distance Learning Centre, Knowledge & Technology Transfer Office and Continuing Education Centre.

By participating in CALIPER project, Yasar University aims to create a ripple effect of change within the university in terms of fostering gender equality policies. The CALIPER project will contribute gender equality in recruitment, working conditions and career development of women and elimination of any existing gender bias. Beyond institutional level, fostering equality in scientific careers, ensure gender balance in decision-making processes and bodies, and improve the integration of the gender dimension in research and innovation content at regional and national levels are the major purposes of becoming a part of this consortium.

The GEP library of YU

Internal Assessment

A comprehensive and detailed analysis of gender equality related conditions inside the Yasar University EU Center

External Assessment

An analysis of external framework conditions and innovation ecosystems from a gender perspective of the national network of Yasar University EU Center

Gender Equality Plan

A set of actions for the impact assessment of procedures to identify gender bias; implement strategies to correct any bias; set targets & monitor progress

Gender based discrimination, violence & sexual harassment policy

Yasar University policy statement on prevention of gender based discrimination, violence and sexual harassment

Gender based discrimination, violence & sexual harassment directive

Directive on prevention of gender based discrimination, violence and sexual harassment of the Yasar University

The Research and Innovation Hub of YU

What is the R&I Hub?

YU has identified external key players of the regional and national innovation ecosystem, including academia and universities, industry players, ministries/government bodies and public sector and civil society organisations to engage them in the GEP process.

Engaging interested and key external stakeholders in the GEP processes can bring gender balance and gender sensitiveness in transfer to market of scientific research results, it motivates young girls to embrace STEM studies, and it promotes gender sensitive co-design of research and tech products.

YU works with the external players of the Hub, to implement the collaborative GEP actions.  These actions facilitate institutional change internally, but also initiate a conversation among the regional and national stakeholders, to adopt and implement gender policies in their organisations.

The R&I Hub members

The R&I Hub of YU consists of 70 organisations. Twenty two of them belong to the academic community, thirteen are industry players, twenty four are civil society organisations, while eight are representatives from the government and the public sector. the other three are not specified.

GEP Working Group

The GEP Working Group of Yasar University consists of academic and administrative representatives from different fields and departments including also high level policy makers of the institution. The goal of the GEP Working Group is to support the YU CALIPER project team in mapping of the organizational capacity of the YU in terms of gender equality and contribute to the design and implementation of the GEP. Furthermore, GEP Working Group will provide strategic and technical advice and affect the decision-making processes to drive the design of the gender equality policies of Yasar University and to contribute its’ implementation.

  • Prof. Dr. M. Cemali DİNÇER (M): Rector and Head of the GEP Working Group
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gokay OZERİM (M) -Faculty Member of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of International Relations -Director of the EU Research Center - Institutional Coordinator of CALIPER Project
  • Prof. Dr. Nazlı BAYRAM (F) Head of the Radio, Television and Cinema Department
  • Prof. Dr. Sevilay UZUNALLI (F) Dean of the Faculty of Law & Head of the Department of Private Law
  • Prof. Dr. Meltem GUREL (F) Dean of the Faculty of Architecture
  • Assis. Prof. Dr. Hacer OZTURA (F) -Faculty Member of the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Assis. Prof. Dr. Mehmet KAHYAOGLU (M) -Faculty Member of the Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Graphic Design
  • Assis. Prof. Dr. Refet POLAT (M) -Faculty Member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematics - Central Student Activities Coordinator & Central Planning Coordinator
  • Dr. Senem YILMAZ (F) Director of the Career and Alumni Center
  • Ilgın OZTURK (F) Director of Human Resources, Deputy Secretary General (Human Resources, Information and Document Works)
  • Guldan KALEM (F) Expert at EU Research Center Institutional Vice-Coordinator of CALIPER Project

Organisation Team

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gokay OZERİM (M)

  • Director of the EU Research Center
  • Institutional Coordinator of CALIPER Project

Gudan KALEM (F)

  • EU Expert
  • Institutional Vice-Coordinator of CALIPER Project

Burcu KİPER (F)

  • Chief of the EU Research Center, EU Expert
  • Administrative Staff