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The organisation

The Universite libre de Bruxelles (ULB) consists of 13 faculties, schools and specialized institutes covering all the disciplines. Founded in 1834, the ULB has a long tradition of excellence in research with four scientific Nobel Prizes, one Fields Medal, three Wolf Prizes and two Marie Curie Excellence Awards. It is one of the largest and best Research Universities in Belgium. The university also played a pioneering role in the presence of women in Belgian universities, welcoming the first three women university students, the first woman assistant, the first woman professor and the first – and only until now – woman rector in French speaking Belgium.

For the Université libre de Bruxelles the participation in CALIPER represents an excellent opportunity to improve and further expand the gender equality and diversity actions already in place at the University. Moreover, CALIPER’s focus on the STEM disciplines allows us to specifically address gender inequalities in these fields, characterised by the low presence of female students, researchers and professors and the low level of integration of the gender perspective in research content. ULB’s participation in CALIPER is thus a great chance to foster gender equality in STEM as a priority axis in the technology transfer to society in two different ways: by increasing equal opportunities for women and men as STEM experts and by improving the quality of research and social innovation.

The GEP library of ULB

Internal Assessment

A comprehensive and detailed analysis of gender equality related conditions inside the Université Libre de Bruxelles

External Assessment

An analysis of external framework conditions and innovation ecosystems from a gender perspective of Université Libre de Bruxelles

Gender Equality Plan

A set of actions for the impact assessment of procedures to identify gender bias; implement strategies to correct any bias; set targets & monitor progress via indicators

The Research and Innovation Hub of ULB

What is the R&I Hub?

ULB has identified external key players of the regional and national innovation ecosystem, including academia and universities, industry players, ministries/government bodies, and public sector and civil society organisations to engage them in the GEP process.

Engaging interested and key external stakeholders in the GEP processes can bring gender balance and gender sensitiveness in transfer to the market of scientific research results, it motivates young girls to embrace STEM studies, and it promotes gender sensitive co-design of research and tech products.

ULB works with the external players of the Hub, to implement the collaborative GEP actions.  These actions facilitate institutional change internally, but also initiate a conversation among the regional and national stakeholders, to adopt and implement gender policies in their organisations.

The R&I Hub members

The R&I Hub of ULB consists of 14 organisations. Two of them belong to the academic community, three are industry players, five are civil society organisations, while four are representatives from the government and the public sector.

GEP Working Groups

Two Working Groups (WG):
– The operational WG made up of professors and researchers from the two STEM ULB faculties targeted in CALIPER, together with the organisation team, is in charge of the actions directly related to the Gender Equality Plan: assessment, design, implementation and evaluation.

– The consultative WG made up of members from the high and middle management of the University as well as students, has a consultative and strategic role. It also acts as an interface between the CALIPER project and the faculties/University, assuming a communication and dissemination role.

Operational Working Group members

Barbara CLERBAUX, Professor in Physics, Faculty of sciences
Dimitri LEEMANS, Professor in Mathematics, Faculty of sciences
Isabelle GEORGE, Professor in Bio-engineering, Interfaculty school of bio-engineers
Nathalie GYPENS, Professor in Bio-engineering, Interfaculty school of bio-engineers
Jennifer WATCHI, PhD researcher in Bio, Electro and Mechanical Systems, Polytechnic school

Consultative Working Group members

  • Isabelle MAZZARA (F) ULB General director
  • Daniele CARATI (M) Research department director, Central - ULB
  • Jean-Christophe LELOUP (M) Advisor to the authorities on gender policy / professor
  • Frederic ROBERT (M) Dean / professor Polytechnic school
  • Morgane DE TOEUF (F) Student
  • Christine DECAESTECKER (F) Gender contact person at faculty level / professor Polytechnic school
  • Olivier MARKOWITCH (M) Dean / professor, Faculty of sciences
  • David PATERNOTTE (M) Co-coordinator of STRIGES (interdisciplinary group on gender studies) / professor
  • Laurence Rosier (F) Advisor to the authorities on gender policy
  • Monique TAVERNIER (F) University’s secretary
  • Barbara TRUFFIN (F) Co-coordinator of STRIGES (interdisciplinary group on gender studies) / professor

Organisation team

Laurent LICATA, Professor in Social psychology
Indra Weber - Project Manager CALIPER
Sara AGUIRRE, ULB Gender and diversity officer