Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development & Innovation Funding in Romania

Research Funding Organisation

The organisation

Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development & Innovation Funding in Romania (UEFISCDI) is a public entity of the Central Administration in Romania under the ultimate authority of the Ministry of Education and Research. UEFISCDI was established in order to promote quality and leadership for higher education, research, development and innovation. UEFISCDI supports research and innovation policies, targeting various types of research and innovation activities (exploratory and applied research, innovation and technology transfer).


Status of gender inequalities

Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding highly values equal opportunities principles, the gender equality dimension included, also being integrated into its organisational culture. There is equal treatment for both female and male employees. Equality is a governing principle between women and men in terms of equal work and equal contract condition, salaries are based on performance. In terms of decision making process, women hold approx. 80% of leadership position. The percentage of women in middle and top management level is 66% and respectively 80%. The percentage of women in funding decision making process is 75%.


Existing gender equality policies at organisation level

UEFISCDI is a funding organisation for research, development and innovation, implementing part of the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation 2015-2020 (PN III) in Romania. There is no formal Gender Equality Plan in UEFISCDI, however the organisation takes into consideration gender issues both in the research projects implemented and financed and the gender equality dimension is part of one of the fourth principles of UEFISCDI’s work (https://uefiscdi.ro/prezentare-institutionala).

Committed to equal opportunities principles for all its employees and collaborators, UEFISCDI decided to participate in CALIPER because it is the first initiative that gives the opportunity to create a framework for the existing good practices inside the organisation and outside its boundaries.

GEP Working Group

The GEP Working Group in UEFISCDI is represented by Cafeneaua de Inovare (Innovation Café) team. This initiative was started by UEFISCDI in 2013 as an informal networking framework for entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, public representatives, civil society and academia, to meet and debate in an open space on the newest trends in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship policy development needs.

Strongly connected to the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Romania, Cafeneaua de Inovare has been the host of many national, regional, European and international editions. Moreover, this initiative was recognised by Interreg Europe as a good practice example in Romania at interregional level in the framework of MARIE project.