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The organisation

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the most prestigious and most competitive academic institution for technical education in Greece. The Decision Support Systems Laboratory (DSSLab) is a multidisciplinary scientific unit within the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, which conducts research and development, scientific/ technical support and training activities addressing a wide range of complex research and application problems. Operating for more than 25 years, the lab has acquired international experience in the following sectors: Information Technology and Decision Support Systems with a specialisation in e-Business and e-Government, Interoperability, Management Information Systems, Program & Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Human Resources Development, Information Dissemination and Promotion, Energy and Environmental Policy.


Status of gender inequalities

The Dean of the ECE School is a man, and the Deanery consists of four men and one woman. Distribution of men and women throughout all the professorship grades shows a clear under-representation of women at all grades (going from 0% to 8%), while women are over-represented in administrative positions (94%). The M/F ratio is 50% when it comes to laboratory and research positions. As far as the Undergraduate and Doctoral Students are concerned, the M/F ratio shows strong under-representation of women (18-23%). When it comes to gender distribution throughout all the specializations of the Undergraduate Studies Program, the M/F ratio remains lopsided. The Fields of Electronics & Systems and Telecommunications tend to absorb a relatively higher proportion of female students (though quite low per se – 26%), whereas the field of Energy reveals the most unbalanced M/F ratio among all specializations (88-12%). 


Existing gender equality policies at a faculty level

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering has not yet initiated any GEP. Equality of opportunities is ensured in the recruitment of administrative and academic staff through public calls based on qualifications and competitions. While the admission of students into our School is granted via exams. 

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of the National Technical University of Athens aims to address existing gender imbalances in its academic, research and administrative activities. The ECE’s priority is to establish a well-adapted GEP, in order to support structural change through improved procedures, policies, and organisational structures.

Organisation Team

Τhe ECE Working Group (WG) will support the design of the GEP, its implementation, monitoring and further update whenever necessary, through collaboration with the ECE CALIPER project team.

Dr. Emmanouil Ntanos

Project Manager / Research Associate

Dr. Maria Flouri

Research Associate / Teaching & Research Laboratory Associate

Ms. Eleni Kanellou

Research Associate