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The Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) is an independent, non-profit research institution engaged in basic and applied biomedical science. It was founded by the Government of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona in October 2005 and is member of the CERCA research centres. Since 2016 IRB has been working proactively towards the establishment of measures to improve Equality and Diversity at all levels of the organisation. Being part of CALIPER project IRB has developed its dedicated comprehensive GEP and it has coordinated the task on overall GEPs refinement procedures by the CALIPER GEP implementing partners. 

GEP website 🔗

Visit the dedicated page inside the Organisation’s web portal presenting GEP activities for internal structural changes towards Gender Equality and collaborations with key external stakeholders.

GEP Library of IRB

Based on the 5-Phases CALIPER work plan, IRB implements 2 rounds of Gender Equality Plan design, development and evaluation lasting 12 months each.

Substantial results stemming from this process ensure the smooth running of the planned interventions, the engagement and commitment of key stakeholders and the envisioned sustainability of GEPs.

Internal Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of gender equality related conditions within 9 specific areas inside the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona

External Assessment

Analysis of external framework conditions & innovation ecosystems from a gender perspective of Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona.

Gender Equality Plan

A set of actions to assess the impact of procedures to identify gender bias; implement strategies to correct any bias; set targets & monitor progress via indicators.

The Research & Innovation Hub of IRB

What is the R&I Hub?

IRB has identified external key players of the regional and national innovation ecosystem, including academia and universities, industry players, ministries/government bodies, and public sector and civil society organisations to engage them in the GEP process.

Engaging interested and key external stakeholders in the GEP processes can bring gender balance and gender sensitiveness in transfer to the market of scientific research results, it motivates young girls to embrace STEM studies, and it promotes gender sensitive co-design of research and tech products.

IRB works with the external players of the Hub, to implement the collaborative GEP actions.  These actions facilitate institutional change internally, but also initiate a conversation among the regional and national stakeholders, to adopt and implement gender policies in their organisations.

The R&I Hub members

The R&I Hub of IRB consists of 6 academic partners, including universities and research centres.

Latest News & GEP Activities of IRB

GEP Working Group

Τhe IRB Working Group (WG)  supports the design of the GEP, its implementation, monitoring and further update whenever necessary, through collaboration with the IRB CALIPER project team.

Guiomar Solanas Research Associate
Nahia Barberia Communication Officer
Anna Vilches Health & Safety Officer
Tiago Oliveira Botelho Industrial Liaison Officer
Margarida Corominas Managing Director
Sara Martorell Alumni Relations Officer
Toni Riera Group Leader
Adria Nicolas PhD Student

Organisation Team

Maribel Labrid

Head of Human Resources and Academic Affairs

Neus Prats

Core Facility Manager

Sonia Saborit

Section Head Pre-Award Grants

Martina Gasull

Lab Manager

Maria J Macias

Group Leader

Marcelo Mora

Project Manager