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FER podcast: ŽensCast #6: The Science of Bias

Our colleagues from UZG FER, in collaboration with the Women in Engineering interest group of the Croatian IEEE section have initiated a podcast series, named ŽensCast. This month, they published the sixth episode, focusing on gender-related prejudices and stereotypes. Guests Ivana Osredek, a graduate student of bioinformatics at the University of Leuven, Belgium, and Iva Marketanović, a graduate student of psychology at the Croatian Studies University of Zagreb, presented the idea and results of the project The Science of Bias (SOB), which is carried out as part of the Society for Education out of frame (EVO).

The SOB project was launched with the aim of making society aware of gender equality, recognising patterns, and finding ways to avoid or minimise gender bias. In this vein, they conducted an “Ivana vs Ivan” survey among Croatian high school students. In cooperation with prof. Kathleen L. McGinn, professor at Harvard Business School, and Heidi Roizen, entrepreneur and lecturer at Stanford University, in the USA, “Ivana vs Ivan” was inspired by “Heidi vs. Howard” study, that was conducted in 2003 at Columbia Business School in the USA. The survey indicated that confident, authoritative and dominant behavior, which people most often associate with management positions, is perceived positively in men, while such traits are considered negative in women.

If you are interested in which qualities Croatian high school students consider desirable for men and women, and what the differences in the survey results compared to the American study, watch the new episode of ŽensCast.


Find the trailer of ŽensCast#6 here (in Croatian) | Find the full episode here (in Croatian)