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Enhance gender balance in STEM fields

CALIPER partner RPO, ECE -NTUA, contributed to the IEEE Greece Section’s Women in Engineering Week 2021 to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

The week was hosted by the WiE Affinity Group of IEEE Greece Section. The event lasted 5 days, starting on January 8, 2021, and comprised 5 invited lectures addressing female scientists’ engagement in science.

On the first day of the IEEE Greece Section Women in Engineering Week 2021, on Monday 8th March at 18:00, a lecture titled “Enhance gender balance in STEM fields” was given by Dr Maria Flouri, Teaching and Research Laboratory Associate in the DSS Laboratory of ECE NTUA School.

The presentation addressed the current state of gender equality in greek scientific fields and featured CALIPER’s scope depicting the methodology of Gender Equality Plans design in order to enhance women’s engagement with research and innovation in STEM disciplines. The presentation elaborated on the case of ECE – NTUA as one of the 9 research organisations that are projected to strengthen female scientists’ representation both in research and development and in decision-making procedures via establishing structural changes.

What is more, the best practices and knowledge gained through the CALIPER project will enable ECE – NTUA to share valuable insights on gender balancing strategies for additional research organisations as well as innovative enterprises active in STEM areas. Dr Flouri’s presentation highlighted the implementation steps towards the above goals and commented on the current status of gender equality in research and innovation in greek ecosystems.