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ECE-NTUA’s GEP is now officially approved and published!

Our partner School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), officially published on its institutional website its recently approved Gender Equality Plan (GEP), which has been developed within the context of the CALIPER project.

This GEP is the outcome of the internal and external assessment that has been conducted during the past months on its Gender Equality status.

In this regard, on November 26, they held an online session, open to national stakeholders, titled “Development of the Gender Equality Plan (GEP) of the Electrical and Computer Engineering School of the NTUA”. The CALIPER team of the ECE NTUA presented their GEP and the respective CALIPER methodology used for its design and development. In total, 19 representatives from 7 Academic Institutions, (including members of the Gender Equality Committee of NTUA and the University of Thessaly), 3 Research Centres, and 4 Public Bodies, including the General Secretariat for Demographic and Family Policy and Gender Equality attended the meeting.

On December 2, one more online session for internal stakeholders was held on the matter. The presentation was attended by members of the School’s academic, administrative, laboratory, technical, and research staff.


Snapshot from Nov. 26th.                  Snapshot from Dec 2nd.