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ECE CALIPER team at the NTUA Researchers’ Night

On the 30th of September, the National Technical University of Athens, hosted the Researcher’s Night 2022, with the participation of universities and research centres. The NTUA opened its doors with a physical presence, and welcomed the public, with an emphasis on pupils, students, and teachers, organising scientific sessions, speeches, and artistic events.

The ECE NTUA CALIPER team had the opportunity to represent and disseminate the project and its activities, the implemented and under implementation GEP actions of the School, the project’s promotional material (leaflets, posters etc), as well as discussing key points and exchanging ideas with the rest of the participants. They created a poster that was displayed throughout the event, including the following sections:

  1. Women in  Science
  2. The ECE School
  3. What is CALIPER
  4. Project stages
  5. Sectors of change
  6. ECE GEP actions
  7. Consortium
  8. Contact details

In addition, the CALIPER team produces a video that was played on a screen of their stand, during the event. The video contains the main CALIPER process, data on ECE NTUA gender equality, the current gender equality developments of our School, and the GEP activities.

The Researchers Night attracted more than 15000 visitors and the CALIPER project was presented and discussed with more than 70 people.


Material available in Greek: