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E-discussion: Gender equality in decision-making in R&I and HE

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19 March 2020 | Online

Gender equality and gender mainstreaming have become one of the European Research Area (ERA) priorities –and gender-balance in decision-making is one of three key objectives. There is however a tendency to reduce the debate in this field to (equal) numerical representation of women and men on decision-making bodies, thereby fueling binary notions of sex/gender and underestimating gender biases in decision-making processes.

Organised within the context of Communities of Practice by ACT project, this e-discussion aims to share recent insights in decision-making and leadership in research performing organisations (RPOs) as well as research funding organisations (RFOs).

Invited experts including Pat O’Connor and Anne Laure Humbert engage with participants to discuss some of the key debates in this field including quotas and targets, gender knowledge and competences in decision-making bodies and power. The session then follows a more practical focus on strategies for action.

This e-discussion is of interest to policy-makers as well as practitioners concerned with gender equality measures in RPOs and RFOs.

Key Issues to Debate:

  1. What can we learn from different experiences of applying targets and quotas to create more gender fair decision-making bodies?
  2. How do you address the double burden when the same few women have to participate on many different committees/ boards?
  3. What are effective ways to build gender competence in decision-making bodies?
  4. How can we effectively deal with ‘non-action’ and resistance to institutional change?

For more information about the e-discussion results and CALIPER contribution please click here.