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Data management and RRI plan in gender equality strategies

Team members of the CALIPER team from ECE – NTUA represented the project at the online discussion GDPR and Innovation” which took place on Thursday, 28 January 2021.

The event was organised by MADE, a non-profit platform for communications strategy, social innovation projects and creative synergies, under the support of Technopolis of the City of Athens. The virtual workshop was hosted by the INNOVATHENS hub that is sponsored and supported technologically by Samsung Electronics Hellas. 

The discussion was held in the context of the European Data Protection day and featured contributions from 4 EU-funded projects. The CALIPER project was disseminated among a target audience that comprises policymakers, industry stakeholders and project managers.

The main topic addressed by ECE – NTUA’s presentation elaborated the data management procedures that are followed within CALIPER implementation phases. More particularly, the project partners presented the methodology that has been utilised to assess gender equality conditions both inside their Institution and in their external ecosystem of innovation. The presentation provided the audience with the necessary information to get a grasp of CALIPER’s goal to design and implement tailored Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) and elaborated on the approaches used to accumulate data so that the GEPs design can be structured in evidence-based evaluations.

The presentation showcased how the CALIPER’s gender equality assessment study has been compliant with the current GDPR framework, thus presenting an example of responsible research and innovation in the service of strengthening gender equality in science and higher education.

The presentation (Greek) is available to watch on-demand on MADE’s official YouTube channel: