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The printed version of CALIPER’s leaflet is out

Our project partners Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia (SRNSFG) just received the printed version of CALIPER’s leaflet. This is very positive news as it seems that we are in the process of overcoming the delays that the COVID-19 outbreak brought.

CALIPER project works for removing cultural and institutional barriers that generate direct and indirect discrimination for women in scientific careers and decision-making. With these leaflets, we aim at facilitating institutional awareness in a more direct and friendly manner, leading to the acceptability of the institutional change actions the CALIPER project is bringing, leading to more gender-equal RPOs and RFOs across Europe.

In the leaflet, you can read the CALIPER’s scope and vision for linking research and innovation with gender equality and its consortium composition at a glance.

The leaflet’s online version can be found here: