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CALIPER survey finds that science needs a new reward and recognition system

From June to October 2020, 151 researchers surveyed in different fields and from multiple countries in Europe to better understand how they were affected by pandemic-related lockdowns and associated relief efforts — such as extensions on grant or scholarship reporting and eligibility, and budget-neutral project extensions.

Not surprisingly, this survey found that the pandemic has amplified existing discrepancies among these researchers, especially between those with and without carer responsibilities. Some funders and academic institutions have provided deadline extensions or extended contracts. But these efforts might offer advantages only to certain groups, owing to their eligibility conditions and how well publicized they are. It is alarming that these measures might increase existing inequalities in academia as the pandemic continues into a second year and a return to normality remains unpredictable.

This survey has been conducted by our partner Young Academy Europe and more in particular by Edyta Swider-Cios Katalin, Solymosi & Mangala Srinivas and it was financially supported by the CALIPER project. 

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